Welcome to Pembrook Cattle Company

In the shadow of the Gloss Mountains outside of the town of Fairview, Oklahoma, elite Angus cattle graze in the pastures of Pembrook Cattle Company. Exceptional seedstock is more than a family business at Pembrook, it’s a legacy — one that has been passed from each generation on to the next.

The ranch is operated by Travis and Beth Pembrook, who continue the tradition of raising quality cattle on the same patch of Oklahoma red dirt Travis’ family, the Martens, originally homesteaded. Beth brings her own family’s legacy of cattle success to the operation as she grew up on a leading Limousin seedstock ranch. Together the couple has invested in improving the strength of their base Angus herd, while at the same time exhibiting champions in nearly every major breed across the U.S. Today, they share this lifestyle with the next generation, raising quality cattle with the help of sons Bret, 8 and Bryson, 2. Each day on the ranch generations of our family are working side by side to add to the success of our business and our customers.

At Pembrook, people come first, we work to create superior Angus seedstock and in our free time we help others excel in the show ring.

Visitors are welcome to the ranch at any time and we welcome any opportunity to discuss our cattle and business. Let’s start the conversation over on our contact page.

People First

It’s the cattle industry, but a people business. We believe in running our business in a way that aligns with our Christian values and creating lasting relationships with our customers.

Profit Performance Cattle

Our goal is to raise and sell cattle that will go to work and return dividends for our customers.

Show Ring Success

From the pasture to the showring, we believe in providing cattle that compete to win. Whether your goal is a national champion or a higher sale price, we produce winners.

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