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Pembrook Cattle offers Angus and SimAngus cattle for sale year round through both special sales as well as private treaty sales on the ranch. The following are our upcoming sales, and we will be adding in more details and photos as the sales draw closer. We encourage you to contact us at your convenience for more information.

New Date, New Location!

Spring Texas Limited Edition Sale
Sunday, April 10, 2016 in Van Alstyne, TX at the WHR Shorthorn Facility
THANK YOU TO ALL BUYERS AND BIDDERS IN OUR SALE. We appreciate the support of everyone involved. Please let us know if we can help with any questions in the future.
Lot 3 • Tattoo 412C
Miss Broker 412C

Date of Birth: 8/18/15
Sire: Mr TR Broker 3789A ET
Dam: 915W
Sim Angus
This female has to be one of our favorites in this years offering. We feel like she has the potential to win shows at any level all over the country and then go out and be a successful donor afterwords. From the ground up this one is super
sound the move with great spring of rib and sweep to her lower belly and ties
that into a long sided eye catching profile. Whether you need a show heifer or a future cornerstone for a breeding program this female can't fit the bill.
  Lot 4
Nowatzke Sweeney Lady 377

Date of Birth: 6/4/15
Sire: Curtin Atlas (Dameron First Class)
Dam: Younge Greiman Lady 336
Registration Number: 18411487
If your looking for a Angus female that will compete hard at every 
level, look no further. Lady 377 has the pedigree history and the look 
that right away  suggest success. She is extra sound out on the move 
with size , rib shape and volume all blended into a very picturesque 
type pattern and profile. It is also worth noting this heifers dam has 
been a many time champion for Austin Nowatzke of Michigan City Indiana. 
We are proud to offer this one.
Lot 7 • Tattoo 414C
PCC Hangin Banners

Date of Birth: 8/23/15
Sire: Safe & Sound  
Dam: Monopoly
This girl is a eye catching machine. She's without question the thickest 
topped, widest based, biggest boned  and hairiest female in our offering 
this year. Folks have commented that she is an absolute beast and we 
would have to agree. With the right care, this females name should hold 
Lot 9 • Tattoo 421C
PCC Walking on Sunshine

Date of Birth: 9/9/15
Sire: Red Rock
Dam: Monopoly X Hannibal X Angus
A big time attention grabbing red baldy that has to be one of our favorites in the PCC offering.
This one has great soundness along with straight lines and an extreme look from any angle.
Lot 10 • Tattoo 426C
PCC SC Priceless

Date of Birth: 10/3/15
Sire: Smokin Bob
Dam: Chi Char Cross
Here's a smoker that came to us from the heart of the Stierwalt program. This show heifer/donor prospect is a good as it gets. It takes one very special to combine the thickness, stoutness of bone, and spring of rib into this kind of
sound , functional easy on the eyes package this heifer possesses . Whatever angle you view this female from she is very smooth and straight in her lines.
As a bonus she sells with great hair and a very gentle disposition.
  Lot 11 • Tattoo 445C
PCC E7 Phylis

Date of Birth: 11/28/15
Sire: Man Among Boys
Dam: Chi Cross
If Beth and I were picking one for one of our boys to show this gal would make our shortlist. She is so sound and so complete we would like to have this one around just to watch her mature into possible greatness . Along with having impeccable structure and soundness she is naturally deep bodied and absolutely gorgeous fronted along with having that wild color pattern that will grab a judges attention.
Lot 16 • Tattoo 111C
PCC LWHF Everelda Entense 111C

Date of Birth: 10/16/15
Sire: PCC Witten 111A
Dam: PCC Everelda Entense 153Z
The first progeny by Witten have been very popular in the show ring and 
the sale ring . The first Witten female to show has been very successful 
in Texas for Sarah Beth Brittain and this Witten and the one below 
should be no exception either. If you want an Angus that can compete for 
her breed then compete with the continentals this is the female for you. 
Buyers will love her extra muscle expression, stoutness of bone, rib 
shape and couple with a cool look. This heifer is gentle enough for a 
first time show person as well.
  Lot 17 • Tattoo 831C
PCC LWHF Eriskay 831C

Date of Birth: 11/16/15
Sire: PCC Witten 111A
Dam: LWHF Eriskay 617Z
A beautiful feminine built extra sound structured female sired by Witten 
out of the great Eriskay Cow family. She has the parts to compete at all
levels and make a great cow after her show career.

Lot 22 • Tattoo 802C
PCC LWHF Blackcap Lady

Date of Birth: 11/21/16
Sire: PVF Insight 0129
Dam: LWHF Blackcap Lady562Z
Insight cattle continue to be in high demand and this daughter proves 
why. The pattern and outline of this one will instantly grab you and the 
judges attention. She also has great feet and legs and can get out and 
move around the ring with ease. This one will compete anywhere she is 
taken. Great disposition.
  Lot 28
BPFC Miss Upgrade 845C

Date of Birth: 10/16/15
Sire: MR NLC Upgrade
Dam: BPFC Miss 804Y
Purebred Simmental
A really powerfully built purebred Simmental that bears looking at. Sheis wide based, big boned and soggy middled with just enough white on her face to
really set her off. We love her pedigree for a breeding piece as well.
Lot 29
BPFC Miss Playmate 844C

Date of Birth: 11/18/15
Sire: FBF1 Combustible
Dam: Playmate 1
Registration Number: 3091044
Purebred Simmental
Here is one sires by the popular Griswold sire Combustible. All this heifer needs is a real good home and she will take care of the rest. For a purebred Simmental she has the softest hind legs and pasterns you can put on one. She is also loaded with depth through the center portion of her rib and gives you a cowy maternal look. When you view this one through her front 1/3 you can also see a lot of added length and extension. We believe that this female has what it takes to be a competitor at any level.
  Lot 33 • Tattoo 427C
PCC TC Wilma

Date of Birth: 10/11/15
Sire: CCR Dream Butter 3058T
Dam: Percentage Simmental
3/4 Simmental
Wilma is a 3/4 Simmental female that will make the donor pen after her 
show career.  She is so unique for a Simmental female in regards to foot 
shape, pasterns, rib shape and overall confirmation. One of our 
favorites here.
Lot 34
BPFC Miss Tranquil 846C

Date of Birth: 10/12/15
Sire: SAV Final Answer
Dam: Harkers Tranquil LIL
Registration Number: 3091046
Percentage Simmental
One of the truly maternal females in our offering. Whether you want to show, raise show heifers, or herd bulls this one is truly unique. She is very soft middled and loose hided with excellent feet and legs along with having a fancy maternal female kind of look. Her sire is Angus legend Final Answer.
  Lot 35 • Tattoo  437C
PCC TC Soul Sister

Date of Birth: 11/14/15
Sire: Steel Force
Dam: Irish Whiskey X Angus
1/2 Blood Simmental
A daughter of Steel Force that will sure stack up with the best if them. 
 This heifer is as femininely built as they come and sound as a cat 
with plenty of rib shape and excellent soundness as well.
Lot 40 • Tattoo 5897
BHR Miss Jackie 5897

Date of Birth: 9/3/15
Sire: ECR Cash Flow
Dam: BHR World Class Lady 801
Here's one with a a ton of power and performance. This female is big
footed, huge boned, and big middled with lots of look. If your looking for
a big stout head turning Hereford this one is sure worth seeing.

  Lot 42 • Tattoo 439C
SSST Hoo Doo 439C
Date of Birth: 11/20/15
Sire: TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET
Dam: Hoodoo Georgie Z1054
Purebred Charolais
This November Firewater daughter is one that keeps getting better every day. Her angularity and smooth design are unique in a purebred Char. She complements her style and balance with a sound, function design that will add value both in and out of the show ring. Backed by the maternal strength of a Hoo Doo cow, this prospect is one to look at!
Here is a great story that explains the kind of cattle that sell in Texas Limited Edition every year. These three full sisters are out of the high selling female from the TXLE 2012 Fall Sale. Snow Angel was purchased jointly by Blissard Cattle Company and Standridge Cattle. Snow Angel who is sired by Turton is already proving to be a maternal masterpiece for these two outstanding operations. The Red Angus sire of these full sibs Standridge herdsire Firestorm has also built an unmatched resume for show winnings and dollars generated as well. It's our belief that the internal genetics of this mating combined with the incredible phenotype you see in the pictures will make these females very valuable assets for operations that are in it to raise the right kind. So whether your wanting a great show heifer or a donor to propel your programs genetics these girls are certainly the deal.
Lot 36 • Tattoo 435C
PCC Ribbons

Date of Birth: 11/16/15
Sire: Aspect
Dam: Steel Force X Angus
1/4 Sim/ORB
A 1/4 blood Simmental sired by Aspect and out of one cool Steel Force 
1/2 blood cow. This heifer is square hipped along with having enormous 
rib shape and a nice maternal look.
  Lot 43 • Tattoo 101C
Miss Olivia 101C

Date of Birth: 9/6/15
Sire: UC George 301P
Dam: OBL little Jessica 2A2
Purebred Char
A very nice made purebred char heifer that is nice fronted and smooth jointed with excellent soundness and rib shape. Her nice pattern and square hip make
her very attractive when viewed from the side. After her show career this
female should make a great cow that has an outcross pedigree.
  Lot 44 - 433C
SSST Snow Angel 433C

Date of Birth: 10/30/15
Sire: Firestorm
Dam: Snow Angel
Lot 45 - 434C
SSST Snow Angel 434C

Date of Birth: 11/2/15
Sire: Firestorm
Dam: Snow Angel
  Lot 46 - 432C
SSST Snow Angel 433C

Date of Birth: 10/26/15
Sire: Firestorm
Dam: Snow Angel
Lot 47 • Tattoo 443C

Date of Birth: 11/26/15
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Ali
Chi or Maintainer
What a fitting name for this one. This heifer is so unique in so many ways. For one to be this stout this female is soft middled, perfect structured
and beautifully designed up though her shoulders and neck. Great attitude for any age show person . She will be a pile of fun for her new owner.
Lot 48 • Tattoo 417C
PCC RC Nice Surprise

Date of Birth: 9/2/15
Sire: Paddy Wagon
Dam: Chi
Maine Cross Chi
Here is a half sister to last springs lot 1 heifer. We believe that this heifer will catch the eye of many of the judges that like a little more breeding cattle look in one.
She has great feet and legs , a beautiful front end and has that extra smooth look from whatever angle she is viewed from. Great Disposition.
Lot 50 • Tattoo 438C
PCC E7 Patches 438C

Date of Birth: 11/16/15
Sire: Dakota Gold
Dam: Chi Maine Cross
Patches is one of the really good colored up chi prospects in the PCC offering.  Her baldie face and gray and white color pattern will grab your focus every time you get into the pen with her. On the profile, Patches keeps your attention with an attractive front end that transitions flawlessly into an explosive rib that is finished off with a long, level and powerful hip. She also gets out and moves won a nice soft hind leg with excellent feet and pasterns. Her makeup and build resemble some of the colored heifers that Travis and Beth have had do well at many of the majors. 
  Lot 51
PCC Autumn

Date of Birth: 7/23/15
Sire: Unstoppable
Dam: Chi
Chi /Maintainer
This red power female could be one to reckon with under the right care. If you
like them with a little extra umph this is sure to be your heifer. She is enormous boned , great haired , big ribbed and super hairy with a killer profile . Our customers have had great luck with the Unstoppable females . One of the most popular of late was a many time winner shown by Kendra Valchar in TX. Be sure and take an extra look at this one sale day.
Lot 52 • Tattoo 306C
PCC TC Greta

Date of Birth: 6/18/15
Sire: Eye Candy
Dam: Maine Angus/ Chi
Beth and I love this one. From behind this one is so pleasing in terms 
of thickness and lower stifle. When viewed from the side she is equally 
as pleasing. You will love her length of side , levelness of hip and 
gorgeous look. Also very sound on the move as well.
  Lot 54 • Tattoo 446C
PCC RP Lucky Charm

Date of Birth: 12/3/15
Sire: Dakota Gold
Dam: Chi Angus Cross
One of the youngest in our offering . We have had great success with the Dakota Golds and this female will be no exception. We expect great things with this heifer. She is level hipped, big bodied and has very sound feet and legs. Her color is striking and her attitude is also great even for a first time show person.
Lot 55 • Tattoo 447C

Date of Birth: 12/8/15
Sire: Dakota Gold
Dam: Chi/Maine
Here's one of our youngest that will compete with the very best. She's 
incredibly sound on her feet and legs , beautiful fronted and very 
straight in her lines. Enormous potential with this female.
  Lot 56 • Tattoo 419C
PCC Miss Unique

Date of Birth: 9/3/15
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Chi Maine
Shorthorn Cross Chi
As you can tell by the picture, this one is extra fancy and extra stout with one of the coolest color patterns around. She has the structure , femininity and overall design to compete well at any level. This one should also be fun after her show career for raising some nice ones as well.
Lot 57 • Tattoo 423C
PCC Missy

Date of Birth: 9/16/15
Sire: Walk this Way
Dam: Chi Maine Cross
A Walk this Way you have to see to believe. This ones color Will immediately
grab your attention. She's also big bellied and way stout with a gotcha front
end and great structure. This one will be fun!
  Lot 58 • Tattoo 444C
PCC SC Sweet Tea

Date of Birth: 11/26/15
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Chi Maine Cross
This November calf has all the parts to have a great show career. We admire the hind leg set and flexibility this female shows at this age. This coupled with great early rib shape along with being very angular in her front end design should give her the longevity it takes to compete hard throughout her entire show career. Her pedigree is hard to beat as well.
Lot 59 • Tattoo 442C
PCC TC Sparkle

Date of Birth: 11/26/15
Sire: Navigator
Dam: Chi/Sim Cross
Whether using her as a show heifer or a donor this blaze faced daughter 
of Navigator has a bright future. She's big boned, huge bodied, in a 
package that will catch ones eye every time.
  Lot 60 • Tattoo 441C
PCC TC Southern Belle

Date of Birth: 11/23/15
Sire: Navigator
Dam: Chi Cross Cow
Here's one out of the popular Standridge and Tuell herdsire Navigator. The first Navigators we have sold have already had met the showring with great success. Southern Belle is soft built In every way and extra easy on the eyes. She exhibits great ability to get out and move with ease as well. If you like them built cowy, sound and pretty look no further.
Lot 61 • Tattoo 429C
PCC TC Silver Beauty

Date of Birth: 10/19/15
Sire: Solid Gold
Dam: Chi Char Cross
An absolute beauty by Brandon Horns great Solid Gold bull. This one is loaded
with bone, muscle, hair and look and can still get out and travelaround the ring with the best of them. This females new owner will be signing up for a lot of
fun with this one! Great disposition for any age showman as well.
  Lot 62 • Tattoo 428C
PCC TC Silver Bullet Girl

Date of Birth: 10/18/15
Sire: Captain America
Dam: Chi Maine Cross
Chi/ Char Composite
Striking and cool describes this girl to a T. Lovely fronted , big bodied, wide
based and sound are all in the definition of this one as well. The Captain
Americas have been super and we are comfortable selling thisone to anyone.
Lot 63 • Tattoo 425C
PCC TC Feeling Lucky

Date of Birth: 10/2/15
Sire: Captain America
Dam: Chi Maine Cross
Chi or Char Composite
Feeling Lucky is a deep, soggy stout boned heifer that can get out and cover
her track with ease. Her pattern is one that will be desired in and out of the ring. We have had great feedback from customers on the Captain America females
as well. This heifer is very gentle as well.
  Lot 64 • Tattoo 415C
PCC SR Sasha

Date of Birth: 8/28/15
Sire: Smokin Bob
Dam: Heat Wave
A powerfully built, wide based female that has the the look and the color to be very popular in and out of the showing. This one will not only make a great
show heifer but should also be a standout produced after her show career.
Lot 66 • Tattoo 422C
PCC RC Fine Tuned

Date of Birth: 9/10/15
Sire: Dream Catcher Son
Dam: Chi Cross Cow
Color alone will make this heifer a standout the minute she enters the ring.
Luckily though she has all the supporting pieces it takes to propel to victory
many times over. Fine Tuned is great bodied, extra sound and extremely
long fronted and pretty when view from the side. Lots of future with this
one in and out of the showering.
  Lot 67 • Tattoo 440C
PCC SC Rant n Rave

Date of Birth: 11/21/15
Sire: Ready to Rumble
Dam: PB Maine
Purebred Maine
This is one of the best Maine females we have had the opportunity to offer in the TXLE sale. We think that with the right care there could be greatness in this girls future. Rant n Rave has the structural correctness and overall soundness on the move to propel her into the future. Combine this with her almost flawless pattern and unmatched femininity and one will right away know this one is a competitor. Great Disposition.
Lot 68 • Tattoo 418C
PCC Miss Payback

Date of Birth: 9/2/15
Sire: Payback
Dam: I 80 Maintainer
This female has a unique look along with a pedigree that has attracted showers and breeders alike. You won't find a cooler fronted nicer patterned female
in the PCC offering. Miss Payback is sound and functional along with being
extra gentle as well.
  Lot 71 • Tattoo 416C
PCC Ivanka

Date of Birth: 8/30/15
Sire: Mercedes Benz
Dam: Shorthorn cow
Maintainer ORB
There's not a sire around that makes them as pretty and balanced as 
Mercedes Benz. This girl is as exquisite in her look and design as you 
can make one.  In terms of soundness she can really get out and go as 
well. Great show heifer prospect here.
Lot 72 • Tattoo 413C
PCC RC Flashy

Date of Birth: 8/25/15
Sire: Irish Whiskey son
Dam: Maintainer / ORB
We love the show ring and brood cow potential in this female. She has so
many of the right parts and pieces to make a great one. She is great
structured, good bodied, and very elegant in her overall design.
Here's a show heifer!
  Lot 73 • Tattoo 411C
PCC Sassy

Date of Birth: 8/15/15
Sire: Carpe Diem
Dam: Maine Angus
ORB / Maintainer
Whether shown or used in the pasture to make money this female will have a positive impact for any program . Her Hereford color pattern should also make her a shoe in for raising Hereford marked steers. As far as the showring is concerned Sassy has a big foot, is sound on the move with a big stout big stout hip and hind leg. She's also bold in her rib shape and nice fronted as well.
Great female!
Note: At time of publication this female would not be recommended for
a young or inexperienced showman. 

Lot 75 • Tattoo 430C
PCC TC 430C - Steer

Date of Birth: 10/20/15
Sire: Navigator
Dam: Yellow Jacket X sim Angus
Big topped , heavy muscled but smooth muscled calf
with loads of eye appeal and soundness.
  Lot 76 • Tattoo 436C
PCC TC 436C - Steer

Date of Birth: 11/10/15
Sire: Eckley
Dam: Angus
Here's a young steer with loads of look, soundness and future
that will classify Angus every time.

Past Sales

3rd Annual Red Dirt Divas and Bulls Joint Production Sale
November 22, 2015
74-51 Cattle Co. Sale Facility • Marshall, OK

THANK YOU TO ALL BUYERS AND BIDDERS IN OUR SALE! We appreciate the support of everyone involved. Please let us know if we can help with any questions in the future.

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PCC strives to offer high quality Angus and SimAngus cattle for sale as well as matching it with excellent customer service and a reputation of integrity. We would love to hear from you to talk about our cattle or invite you to the ranch.

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