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Pembrook Cattle offers Angus and SimAngus cattle for sale year round through both special sales as well as private treaty sales on the ranch. The following are our upcoming sales, and we will be adding in more details and photos as the sales draw closer. We encourage you to contact us at your convenience for more information.
Texas Limited Edition Sale - October 19, 2014
Sale hosted at the KB Cattle Facility in Wills Point, Texas.
Winners at every level of almost every breed have been sold through this sale, and this year we will be selling a stout set of females as well. All breeds represented.

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Lot 6 - OBG Nancy 4120
Charolais Composite
Registration Number: RF707598
April 2014
Believe in Me x Reg Charolais
The Texas Limited Edition Sale has developed quite a tradition for having
some of the top Charolais and Charolais Composite Genetics to sell anywhere
in the nation. We feel like this female is more that capable to carry
that torch as well. She would have to be in our top picks of Char Composite
females that we have sold. On the move or standing still all the pieces are
there with this one. She can get out and move with ease, has a great hip
and hind leg, she's big bodied, and nice fronted with excellent hair. She
also has the genetics behind her as well. The Believe in Me's have been
very competitive and her dam Nancy is a premier donor for OBG Genetics in
Oklahoma. If you’re in the market for a Charolais Composite/ ORB show heifer
this is one of the best we have to offer.

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Lot 7 - OBG Elvira 4122
Charolais Composite
Registration Number: ERF707597
DOB: April 1, 2014

Monopoly x OBG Elvira 8115
We feel this Charolais composite female has what it takes to continue the
legacy of success that our buyer’s have come to expect from the TXLE
Charolais and Charolais Composite females. 4122 is truly a standout in this year’
s offering. Just like her picture shows she is tremendously long sided
along with being super big bodied, stout boned, and great haired. Whether
standing still or on the move this heifer looks good at any angle. She's a
definitely an attention grabber. The dam of 4122, OBG ELVIRA 8115, was the Grand Champion Female and Senior Division Champion at the 2010 American Royal Junior Show, Kansas City, MO; the 2009 Show Female of the Year; the 2010 Junior National Champion Female and the 2011 Junior National Reserve Grand Champion Owned Female. Her grand-dam, OBG ELVIRA 4303 PLD was the 2010 National Reserve Champion Cow/Calf and the 2008 Show Dam of the Year.

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Lot 8 - OBG Elvira 4134
Purebred Charolais
Registration Number: EF1186942
DOB: April 2014
SVY Freedom PLD 307N x OBG Elvira 4303 PLD
4134 is a full sister to OBG ELVIRA 8115, who was the Grand Champion Female and Senior Division Champion at the 2010 American Royal Junior Show, Kansas City, MO; the 2009 Show Female of the Year; the 2010 Junior National Champion Female and the 2011 Junior National Reserve Grand Champion Owned Female. Her dam, OBG ELVIRA 4303 PLD was the 2010 National Reserve Champion Cow/Calf and the 2008 Show Dam of the Year.
This purebred Charolais female combines flawless phenotype with a lineage of Champions. A true sale Feature.
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Lot 9 - Spur MS Right Choice B3662
Purebred Charolais
DOB: March 2014
B3R Right Choice x Smokin Joe
Over the past several years, the Texas Limited Edition Sale has featured many great purebred Charolais heifers but this one might be the best yet. She is truly a heifer you must see to fully appreciate. She is excellent structured and moves flawlessly. On the side profile, Miss Right Choice is as good as it gets. She has a long attractive front end, along with being really smooth shouldered, big bodied, and long sided. This purebred Charolais heifer can play at any level.
Spur MS Right Choice B1292. This daughter of the popular sire Right Choice has all of the right pieces. When you see her you will appreciate he straightness of lines and impressive profile. She compliments her balance with impeccable structure and an eye-catching presentation of head and neck.
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Lot 10 - STR Lizzie 001
Purebred Charolais
Registration Number: F1187416
DOB: April 10, 2014

HOODOO Slasher 1144 x PR MS Lady Wind 632 P
We love the sweep of rib this purebred Charolais heifer has to offer.
Lizzie is awesome haired, clean jointed, and sound structured. Her complete
phenotype will make her easy to find and hard to beat, both in the show ring
and the pasture.

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Lot 11 - Spur MS Right Choice B1292
Purebred Charolais
DOB: January 30, 2014
B3R Right Choice W003 x SSR Lilly Y317
Another of our really nice Charolais show heifer prospects. If you like them huge middled, wide based and sound on the move, don't overlook this heifer. She probably has as much power as any of the Charolais heifers and is sure to make a standout donor female after her show career.
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Lot 12 - Crutches Bernadette 143B ET
Charolais Composite
Registration Number: ERF707370
DOB: March 5, 2014
Critical Mass x JH Tyra 717 et
This silver daughter of Critical Mass is out of a tremendous cow. Her dam
possesses a prototypical udder and flawless phenotype that should transmit
to her daughter once in production. In the meantime, this one will be a lot
of fun on the weekends. She is stout, cool, and colorful. This one will
make a great show heifer and a very versatile cow with the ability to produce
competitive females and steers alike.

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Lot 13 - 447 JG Miss Trixie Too 021B
High % Chi
DOB: January 2014
Monopoly x Chi- Char Cross
Here's one we can't say enough about. Trixie Too has a look and a story
that makes her a sure shot for whoever buys her. She is a full sister to
PCC Miss Jade 422Z, last year’s Grand Champion Female at San Antonio, shown
by Myka Blissard. Just like her full sister, this one also has the right
pieces to make her a competitor as well. When you watch this female get out
and move she gets out and fills her track with ease. She is also powerful
in terms of rib shape, width and dimension. Then ties it all in to a real
eye appealing package. From the show ring to the pasture to the sale ring
this heifer is a unique investment opportunity that has the potential to
return great dividends to her new owner.
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Lot 14 - PCC Abigail 4619B
High % Chi
DOB: March 14, 2014
Heat Wave x Hairy Daughter
This heifer is one that you will certainly want to look up when you get to
  the sale. Abigail is part of a group of black heifers that PCC is offering this year
that we feel can compete on any level. As you can see by the picture, this heifer is
long and smooth in her lines. Whether standing still or on the move this heifer is truly graceful. She also has that great disposition that will work for any ag showman.
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Lot 15 - PCC Trinity 4646B
DOB: April 23, 2014
Monopoly 2 x 4646 (Dr. Who Daughter)
Trinity has been a favorite among many at PCC. We absolutely love the way
this heifer is put together. She has that look that will grab a judges
attention the minute she walks in the ring. On the profile Trinity is a long
sided , level hipped, soft middled female that has a long extended and
attractive front end. She also gets out and moves with ease. Her disposition
is perfect and she has great hair as well. Do not miss this one on sale day.
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Lot 16 - AHL Tessa 486B ET
Gelbvieh Balancer
Registration Number: 1283591
DOB: March 26, 2014

AHL Redemption 237Z x Tessa W102ET
Travis and Beth have long been associated with the Gelbvieh breed and they
feel this heifer has what it takes to compete at any level. The angularity
and femininity Tessa exhibits is unique to the Gelbvieh breed. Those
attributes add to her killer profile and impeccable structure to yield a female
that is sure to meet the needs of even the most demanding eye.
The sire of Tessa, AHL Redemption 237Z, was the Reserve Champion Balancer
Bull at the 2012 American Royal and Reserve Champion Balancer Bull in
Louisville that same year. Redemption is a breed changer. A true calving ease
sire that weaned at 814 lbs off a first calf heifer. 237Z’s dam is none other
than the 2012 Reserve National champion Female.

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Lot 17 - TC Miss Whisky 007B
DOB: February 26, 2014
Irish Whiskey x mr nlc Upgrade u8676 X Basin Max 602C
This is a heifer you can build an entire breeding program around. Every
part of her pedigree screams phenomenal donor cow. Miss Whiskey is sired by
the legendary Irish Whiskey and out of an incredible Upgrade x Basin Max
602C daughter. This heifer also has all the right parts and pieces to be
extremely competitive in the show ring as well. Just like her picture she
has great substance of bone, a nice level hip, and is great in terms of rib
shape and volume with a very eye appealing look.
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Lot 26 - AHL Valentine 402B
Red Angus
Registration Number: 1671683
DOB: January 23, 2014

AHL About Time 113Y x CAMP 1A Valentine 207Z
Valentine is as sweet as her name suggests. This long bodied Red Angus
female is designed to not only bring home the purple, but also to add value
and function to any herd. Her expansive rib shape, power and dimension are
second to none. To top it off, here is a female with the look and eye
appeal sought after by all leading cattleman.

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Lot 27 - AHL Sereola 459B
Red Angus
Registration Number: 1671674
DOB: February 26, 2014

PZC TMAS Firestorm 1800 ET x AHL Sereola 104Y
Sereola offers eye appeal and balance without sacrificing substance. Her
added dimension and broodiness suggests longevity following her show career
that will mean a long term return on your investment. Whether heading to
the show ring, enhancing your herd’s visual quality, or adding to your
donor pen, here is a Red Angus female you don’t want to miss.

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Lot 28 - SSST Sylvia 8161B
Red Angus Composite
DOB: April 3, 2014
Firestorm x Jimmy the Greek X Purebred Charolais
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Lot 29 - SSST Sylvia 8162B
Red Angus Composite
DOB: April 4, 2014
Firestorm x Jimmy the Greek X Purebred Charolais
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These two full sisters have been very popular around our place. Their Sire Firestorm is one of the hottest sires in the Red Angus breed right now and
the dam of these two sisters sold in a previous Texas Limited Edition to Amanda Raithel in Nebraska. She was campaigned successfully all across the
nation and as you can see she is now making this young lady a fabulous donor cow. When you go back even further in these two heifers lineage you will
also find the Ashley Charolais cow that has been a standout donor in the Standridge herd as well. Raising the Res Grand Steer at San Antonio and also
the Reserve Champion Charolais composite at the 2013 Charolais Junior Nationals shown by Chance Lunsford and purchased out of a previous TXLE sale as
well. She also raised the Reserve Champion ORB in San Antonio last year exhibited by Caydi Blaha also purchased in the TXLE sale.
As you can see these heifers have the pedigree and the look to do great things. Whether you’re looking for a donor cow to build a herd around or a
show heifer that under the right care can compete, these two heifers will not disappoint.
Lot 30 - Spur Lady 2B963
DOB: March 2014
JCS Icon 1347 x Churchill Yankee
This Hereford female has been a favorite around our place. Just as her picture shows, Spur Lady is big footed, stout boned, huge middled, and extremely eye appealing. On the top side of her pedigree she goes back to the popular Icon bull that has been very successful in the Copeland herd.  The dam's side of her pedigree is equally impressive going back to a Churchill cow. If you are in the market for an impressive show heifer prospect, look this one up.
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Lot 39 - PCC Miss Uppity 118B
3/4 Simmental, 1/4 Angus
DOB: April 8, 2014
Rubys Wide Open 909W x MSTR Uppity 0756X
We love the rib, volume and maternal look this ¾ Simmental heifer offers .
She has the sweepof rib and structural integrity needed to make an awesome
bred. This one has a tremendous future. Her sire, Wide Open, is one of the most
unique Simmental sires to come onto the scene in recent history. While in Denver,
he was a high seller in the sale and was named Bull Calf Champion. His
fresh genetics, power and athleticism made him a favorite among purebred
breeders and club calf producers alike. His pedigree traces to X339U on the
top and bottom, plus Black Irish Kansas, Black Mick and 600U.
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Lot 40 - TC Miss Broker 121B
% Simmental
DOB: March 28, 2014
Broker x Angus Cow
The cattle sired by Broker have been winning shows and topping sales all
over the country. Miss Broker is no exception. She is a powerfully
constructed deep bodied female that has that maternal brood cow kind of look.
After her show career this heifer will make a heck of a donor cow as well.
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Lot 42 - PCC Miss Changing Time 96B
1/4 Simmental, 3/4 Angus
DOB: April 2, 2014
74-51 Changing Time 060 x Star Power Daughter
The sire of 96B, “Changing Time”, was named the Reserve National Champion
Angus Bull at the 2012 National Western Stock Show in Denver. Like her
sire, you will appreciate the length of body, length of hip and extension
through the front end that Miss Changing Time exhibits. This April prospect
exemplifies every great attribute that her sire transposes to his progeny…
look, hair, and structural soundness.

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Lot 46 - MABC Ellen 42
Purebred Shorthorn
Registration Number: *4208088
DOB: March 17, 2014

KOLT Final Fox 3 ET x WHR GN Cecilia 9N26 ET
This white purebred Shorthorn should hunt. It is rare that you find one
with this kind of extension through her front one-third that possesses the
added substance and bone that Ellen has. Ellen has a tremendous future both
in and out of the show ring. Her dam, WHR GN Cecilia 9N26, was Champion
Shorthorn at the 2011 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for Myka Blissard.

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Lot 47 - MABC Foxy 41
Purebred Shorthorn
Registration Number: *4208089
DOB: March 3, 2014

KOLT Final Fox 3 ET x WHR Daisy D 1N16
It’s hard to say who will like this female more, a breeder wanting a donor
for making colored steers or a junior wanting a really good show heifer.
Either way this female will fill the order. Foxy is impressive in terms of
substance of bone, depth of rib, and overall phenotype. She is super
complete in most every way. If you appreciate the bigger, stouter kind, you
will love this one.

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Lot 48 - MCR Lady Di ET
Purebred Shorthorn
Registration Number: *4210363
DOB: January 18, 2014

Hi View's Ace of Diamonds x SS Revival 423 ET
Lady Di is a nice pattered, stylish female that is nice fronted, level
hipped, extremely deep bodied and easy fleshing. In addition she is a good
structured heifer that offers an advantage in movement. The striking color
pattern and great attitude makes this heifer a great find.
Her sire, Ace of Diamonds, offers an outcross pedigree that includes
maternal legends like "Creole" and the well-known Hi View Zelda and Double Stuff
is 3 generations back.

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Lot 49 - Visions Pride
Purebred Shorthorn
Registration Number: *X4210543
DOB: September 19, 2013
Sherwoods Red Vision 576M ET x HF Augusta Pride RD 326 ET
The Augusta Pride cow family is producing many outstanding Shorthorn
females and has been for around 20 plus years and this fancy yearling heifer is
sure to add to that lineage. The second dam of Vision’s Pride, Augusta
Pride 3127 has almost 150 progeny registered with the ASA.
The sire, Red Vision, is a very complete herd sire that should
work across the board to make sound, functional breeding stock and sharp,
stout show cattle. This thick made, structurally correct son of Double
Vision is out of a Trump daughter that never misses. Red Vision was the second
top seller at the 2003 Polled Congress, and scanned the largest ribeye of
any bull at the sale.

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Lot 51 - PCC Isabell 4621B
DOB: April 19, 2014
goet I80 x Monopoly X Draft Pick
Isabell is a 3/4 Maine that can run with the best of them. On the move,
this heifer is good footed, soft pasterned and gets out and covers each step
with ease. As you can see by her picture Isabell is very feminine and
angular while still staying very soft middled. She will also be one of those
that will be very rewarding to work on as well. She has excellent hair and
a sweet disposition.
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Lot 52 - PCC Celine 4612B
DOB: April 28, 2014
Breath Easy x Irish Whiskey daughter
Another one of the most striking black heifers in this year’s sale. This
maintainer heifer should be able to compete with the best of them. Celine
is stout boned and big bodied with a killer look out on the profile.
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Lot 53 - TC Adela 634B
DOB: May 29, 2014
Monopoly x 634 Chi Cross Cow
This late May daughter of a monopoly is a powerhouse. We love the
thickness and muscle that this heifer puts together into such an attractive
package. She has just the right blend of ruggedness and pretty to make her a
standout in the showring. Adela has a great disposition for any age showman.
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Lot 54 - PCC Madison 4630B
DOB: April 4, 2014
Monopoly x 4630 (Smokin Joe Daughter)
Here's another one of the really good black Monopoly females in this years
offering. Madison is a wide based, big boned, hairy female, with a killer
look. This heifer will be very competitive at all levels.
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Lot 55 - TC Madeline 644B
DOB: June 3, 2014
Monopoly x 644 Chi Cross Cow
644B is one of the younger females in this year’s offering. Madeline will
be very competitive in the June class and also in the chi show as well.
The Monopoly sired cattle have probably won as many shows as any sire group
ever. This heifer has great feet and legs, excellent phenotype and a great
disposition as well.
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Lot 56 - PCC Kylie 477B
DOB: January 6, 2014
Wildcater x Chi Cross Cow
This yellow brockle-faced female has as much femininity as any heifer in
our offering. She is long and extended up through that front end as well as
being extra sound when put into motion. She is also a long bodied high
performing female. We think she has tons of potential not just at the start of
her show career but all the way through. This is the kind of female that
will make an excellent two year old show heifer.
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