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Pembrook Cattle offers Angus and SimAngus cattle for sale year round through both special sales as well as private treaty sales on the ranch. The following are our upcoming sales, and we will be adding in more details and photos as the sales draw closer. We encourage you to contact us at your convenience for more information.
Pembrook Cattle Company Spring Online Show Heifer Sale
Tuesday, May 5, 2015. Hosted by CWCattleSales.com.
Lot 1 - Angus
DOB: 10/15/14
Sire: 74-51 Changing Time
Dam: 74-51 Erica 1008 (Dameron First Class)
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Without a doubt one of our favorites!  Sound, Feminine, great haired, and excellent disposition.  Complete in everyway.  Will compete at all levels.  Her pedigree reads as a who's who of past champions.
  Lot 2 - Angus
DOB: 10/20/14
Sire: 74-51 Changing Time 060
Dam: 74-51 Erica 1016 (Dameron First Class)
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Full sister in blood to lot 1.  Tons of rib shape, thickness, substance of bone in a very eye appealing package.  The pedigree (Changing Time X First Class X Sudden Impact) for this female and the lot 1 is no miss in or out of the show ring.  This female is a tank and great for any age show person.
Lot 3 - Angus
PCC 74-51 Dixie Erica 4538
Registration Number: 18100306
DOB: 11/9/14
Sire: 74-51 Changing Time 060
Dam: J&J Dixie Erica 443 (EXAR Sudden Impact)
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Dixie Erica 4538 is one of the nicest outlined, most eye appealing heifers we have sold this year.  On the move or one the stand still judges will admire the soft, angular, smooth all girl look this heifer possesses.  This heifer also has a super, pedigree to push her along.  Her dam goes back to the great J & J donor "bob ears" and her sire Changing Time was Reserve National Champion Angus bull at Denver.  This female is a can't miss chance to own a great one.
  Lot 4 - Angus
Diamond B Pride 412
Registration Number:
DOB: 9/1/14
Sire: Silveiras S Sis GQ 2353
Dam: EXAR Pride 0468(EXAR Spartan 6225)
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They say a picture is worth a 1000 words and that quote holds true on this female.  We absolutely love the stoutness of bone, width and dimension, rib shape and eye appeal this female possesses.  She already had a full sister sell to Silveira Brothers and another being shown by Erin Barnes in Oklahoma.  Some argue this may be the best of the full sisters.  Whether your looking to show or breed Angus or wanting to start a composite  program this female has tons to offer!
Lot 5 - Angus
007 Miss Sandy 4280
Registration Number:
Sire: EXAR Classen
Dam: WK Sandy 6561 (Triple E Special Addition)
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Here is a big stout powerfully constructed female out of the popular Classen bull and out of the powerful WK Sandy donor.  She has great feet and legs and is extremely sound on the move.  She is also level hipped, and big bodied with a nice long feminine front end.  Her disposition will suit any age show person.
  Lot 6 - Angus
PCC Diamond B Bardolena 417
Registration Number: 18094671
DOB: 10/27/14
Sire: PVF Insight 0129
Dam: PF 4200 Bardolena 0567
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A great end of October female sired by Insight back to the great Bardolena cow.  This heifer is striking when viewed from any angle.  She's very sound structured, long fronted, and smooth in her lines.  She also has a great disposition even for the youngest of showman. 
Lot 7 - Angus
PCC Henrietta Pride 113B
Registration Number:
DOB: 11/15/14
Sire: EXAR Blue Chip
Dam: Will Henrietta Pride 113A
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PCC Henrietta Pride is one that also has a story pedigree.  The dam of this heifer Will Henrietta Pride 113A also raised the popular Genex sire Will Role Model.  Her sire is the many time champion Blue Chip.  This heifer is deep middled, loose made, and attractive in the way she's put together.  In or out of the show ring she wont be disappointing. 
  Lot 8 - Red Angus
DOB: 12/15/14
Sire: Firestorm
Dam: Jackhammer X Ravishing Ginger
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One of the most inquired about females in our offering and rightly so.  Ginger is a product of our son Bret's venture into the Red Angus breed a couple years ago.  The dam of this female goes back the Ravishing Ginger cow.  Progeny by Ginger have won shows all over the US.  She also has daughters working in 9 states along with $75,000 worth of herd sire prospect that have sold through past Ravishing Red bull sales.  The heifer calf offered should hold true to her family lineage.  As you can see by picture and video this heifer is exquisitely built.  Nice fronted, big bodied, straight in her lines and very sound on the move.  She's the youngest heifer in our offering and under the right care should provide her new owner with a great show career and very profitable years as a donor.
Lot 9 - Chi
DOB: 11/10/14
Sire: Man Among Boys
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Zella is an absolute powerhouse that we feel like has a great future ahead of her.  If you like big boned, great haired, and powerful with a great look, here's your heifer.  Super disposition!
  Lot 10 - Chi
DOB: 10/4/14
Sire: Believe In Me
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The Belive in Me's that we have sold have been some of our best show heifers out there.  This girl is no exception.  She is built extra fancy and eye pleasing.  This heifer gets out and move with the best of them in terms of structure and commands your attention when set up on the profile.  We like her as good as any.
Lot 11 - Chi/Charolais Appendix
DOB: 11/2/14
Sire: Captain America
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We can't say enough about the Captain America progeny.  There have been several by Captain that have competed well at a national level.  This heifer is big footed, great pasterned, and travels as well as any.  You will love her length of side, depth of rib, and the overall smoothness of this heifer. 

PCC strives to offer high quality Angus and SimAngus cattle for sale as well as matching it with excellent customer service and a reputation of integrity. We would love to hear from you to talk about our cattle or invite you to the ranch.

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