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Pembrook Cattle offers Angus and SimAngus cattle for sale year round through both special sales as well as private treaty sales on the ranch. The following are our upcoming sales, and we will be adding in more details and photos as the sales draw closer. We encourage you to contact us at your convenience for more information.

2015 Texas Limited Edition Sale
Saturday, April 4, 2015 in Wills Point Texas at the KB Ranch Sale Facility.

One of the best sets of show heifer/donor prospects we have ever offered will be in this sale, along with a select group of steers. Competitive cattle of most breeds will be available. Please give Travis or Beth a call for to discuss this year’s sale offering! 

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Lot 1
PCC Lookin Around
Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 6/14/14
Patty Wagon X Chi X Angus
Tattoo: 402B

A true favorite of many that have stopped by this year. This female is sound and extra fancy. She is probably the biggest bodied and most powerful females to sell in our offering. Lookin Around has phenomenal hair and a great disposition.

Lot 2
PCC Boom Boom Pow

Breed: Maintainer/Chi • Date of Birth: 5/20/14
Poker Face X Chi
Tattoo: 312B

Introducing one of our coolest ever. From her unique markings to her stunning profile this heifer is truly captivating. This female is one that can get out and move as smooth and as fluently as it takes to compete at any level. If your looking for a female that can win big shows or just needing a great breeding piece to take your program to the next level this female can deliver the Boom Boom Pow.


Lot 9
SSST Ashley 372B

Breed: Purebred Charolais • Date of Birth: 9/1/14
Registration Number: - F1197704
B3 Indian X SSST Ashley 420Z
Tattoo: 372B

The name Ashley says it all on this heifer. She goes back to the great Ashley cow that has produced numerous champions and herd sires for the Standridge family. This Ashley should with out a doubt carry the touch to keep the Ashley name going. You have to look long and hard to find a purebred Charolais that has this kind of soft look at this age. She is also very sound structured, eye appealing, and easy to handle. Whether you need a show heifer or a donor this is a true buying opportunity.

Lot 10
OBG Olaf

Breed: Purebred Charolais • Date of Birth: 4/2/14
Registration Number: EM855381
SCC Time Bandit 290W X OBG Elvira 030

OBG Olaf is one of the most unique purebred Charolais bulls to come along in awhile. When it comes to pedigree he reads as the who's who of champions, high sellers and famous maternal cow families. Olaf dam is the great OBG Elvira cow that is also a full sister to OBG Tickle that was a high seller at Tusa Cattle. The sire of Olaf Time Bandit sired the National Champion bull for Mid Continent Farms as well. The pedigree on the potential breeding giant puts together the Elvira and Nancy cow families along with Time Bandit. As far as phenotype is concerned you wont find one much better. Olaf is moderate framed, extremely wide based, with tons of softness and depth of rib. We also like his soundness, stoutness of bone, great hair and laid back attitude. Whether your wanting to breed more maternal into your club calf cows or make more purebreds you can easily market, we think Olaf fits the bill. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in some of the most cutting edge Charolais genetics one can find.


Lot 11
SSST Flashpoint 507B

Breed: Purebred Red Angus Bull • Date of Birth: 7/15/14
Get Western X PZC TMAS Dream Girl 2367 (1575778)


Here's a yellow color steer that sets him apart. His loose structured, great phenotype, and very long fronted makes him very impressive when entering the show ring. We love his disposition as well. Here's a unique opportunity to be on the fast track of the Red Angus circle. Flashpoint has some of the most popular and maternal genetics the Red Angus breed has to offer. He is out of the popular Get Western bull that comes out of the Pieper Red Angus herd in Nebraska. Flashpoint dam is a full sister to Firestorm purchased by Ledoux Ranch and Standridge Cattle out of a pervious TXLE sale. Flashpoint is one of the nicest Red Angus bulls we have laid eyes on since Firestorm. He's loaded with red meat and muscle, flawless in terms of balance and smoothness of design, and as nice footed and sound structured as you can make one. We feel like his biggest value will be as a breeding piece but if you like to show this bull will no doubt run with the very best of them Retaining 1/3 semen interest.

Lot 13
SSST Compass Rose

Breed: Percentage Simmental/ORB Heifer • Date of Birth: 10/15/14
SSST Navigator(EMP1229) X GCF Miss Joy Y36(2588158)
Tattoo: 805B

It's hard to know where to start on this heifer. She is one of the first calves sired by Navigator (Monopoly X Ashley). Navigator is a full sib to many of the past sale highlights and champions for us and the Standridge family. The dam of this great show/donor prospect Joy is a half blood Simmental donor that won shows all over the country for Allie Standridge. Pedigree alone makes this female a valuable possession. And did we mention that on top of the pedigree this heifer is a smoking good one in terms of a show heifer? Rose is dynamic in terms of rib shape, base width, stoutness and overall eye appeal. Let this one navigate your program to new heights.


Lot 14
SSST Sail On

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 11/2/14
Navigator X Carnac
Tattoo: 901B

We are so excited about the two heifers sired by Navigator in this offering. The dam of this female is also quite a female as well. Many Champions in the Standridge herd have stemmed from her blood line. She also produced a high seller in the TXLE and many time champion for Myka Blissard as well. Sail On should be no exception to the winning ways of her lineage. As you can see by her picture she is gorgeous up through her front end along with being extra smooth and straight in all her lines. From a standpoint of structure she can get out and fill her tracks with the best of them. We also love her disposition. She should work well for any age show person.

Lot 17
PCC Mercy Me

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 9/24/14
Carpe Diem X Chi X Red Angus
Tattoo: 711B

We've already had tons of inquires on this heifer. Those who have seen her think she is the complete and total package. Mercy Me is big footed, sound, and flawless structured. She's also very angular in the way she's put together up through her front end along with being big ribbed, stout boned, and level hipped. She has the goods to be a big time competitor.

Lot 16
PCC Miss Red Hot

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 8/22/14
Man Among Boys X Chi X Maine
Tattoo: 604B

We can't wait for people to see this heifer in person. We think she is special in so many ways. No matter what angle she is viewed from you will think balanced, smooth, angular, and stout. She is one that you will also appreciate on the move as well. She is also Red HOT!


Lot 20
WAGR Miss 4903B

Breed: Purebred Simmental • Date of Birth: 10/3/14
Registration Number: 2953869
WAGR Lightning 214Z X WAGR Chantilly Lace 026X
Tattoo: 026

Here's a purebred Simmental we feel like can compete anywhere in the country. This heifer sire WAGR Lightning is one of the coolest Simmental sires we have seen anywhere and her dam goes back to the top producer 3C Melody. This heifer calf is very sound in the way she is put together. She is big footed, soft pastern, big middle and broody yet still has the femininity and chrome in the right places to give her a killer look in the show ring.

Lot 21
WAGR Lullaby

Breed: Purebred Simmental • Date of Birth: 9/2/147
Mr CCF Vision (2705829) X WAGR Lullaby 703T (2394865)

Lullaby reads as the who's who of Simmental pedigrees. On the top side she is by one of the Simmental breeds high seller MR CCF Vision. Then on the bottom side Lullaby goes back to the famous 3C Melody cow that has been a stand out donor for years in the Wager and Effling herds in South Dakota. This heifer calf is loaded with eye appeal at every angle. She's level hipped, wide topped, sound structured and feminine necked. This heifer has the pedigree and phenotype to do great things.

Lot 25
PCC Heartache

Breed: 3/4 Simmental or ORB • Date of Birth: 9/5/14
Sire (Full sib to Choppers mother) Meyer Ranch 734 X Rodrock MS BLK Bear 31N
Tattoo: 703B

Heartache is a 3/4 Simmental that's as soft and easy on the eye as you can make one. She is great on her feet and legs, very expressive in terms of rib shape, nice fronted, with a great disposition.

Lot 26
PC TC Im Telling

Breed: 3/4 Simmental/ORB • Date of Birth: 10/18/14
Game Charger X Steel Force
Tattoo: 807B

One of our favorites in our Simmental influence line up and one the first to sell out of the Game Charger bull (full brother to Upgrade) used heavily in the Tuell program in Colorado. This female is put together incredibly well in terms of soundness, fleshing ability, and eye appeal. We love her disposition and think she will show well in the Simmental or ORB division. She is also one of donor quality.


Lot 27
SSST Sheza Goldmine

Breed: % Simmental/ORB • Date of Birth: 9/23/14
7451 Changing Time X SSST Sheza Goldmine 565Z(2652175)
Tattoo: 710B

Sheza Goldmine was bred to be in the purple. Her sire 74/51 Changing Time was Reserve Grand Angus bull at Denver and her granddam is the $210,000 SVF Sheza Goldmine R901. This heifer is sweet fronted, sound moving, and long sided. In or out of the ring we believe there is a lot of value in this one.

Lot 29
PCC Miss Inferno Lady

Breed: Shorthorn Plus/ Chi • Date of Birth: 9/6/14
Bear Cat X Chi
Tattoo: 705B

Out of the popular Shorthorn sire Bear Cat. Inferno Lady will not disappoint shown as a Shorthorn plus or Chi. She is extra good at the ground when she moves along with big extremely stout made, hairy, and super nice patterned. Inferno Lady is one that could also be used after show career raising that hard to get great Shorthorn steer.


Lot 43
PC TC Infinity

Breed: Charolais Appendix/ORB/Chi • Date of Birth: 10/20/14
Captain America X Chi Angus Cross
Tattoo: 808B

Infinity is one of our favorite Captain America's in the offering. We love her perfect blend of muscle, stoutness, and eye appeal. It's hard to get one this powerful and still maintain that feminine eye appealing look like this one does. Infinity has a great disposition.

Lot 44
PC TC Margie

Breed: Charolais Appendix/Chi/ORB • Date of Birth: 10/10/14
Captain America X Chi/Maine
Tattoo: 803B

The Captain America have been making quite a name for themselves all over the country and this heifer is no exception. What's also unique on this one is she can run Charolais composite or Chi. This heifer is very soft and broody in her overall make up along with being good structured and very feminine. Good Disposition.


Lot 45
PC JG Gone Fishing

Breed: Charolais Appendix or ORB • Date of Birth: 9/2/14
Monopoly X PB Charolais
Tattoo: 701B

Gone Fishing has the part and pieces to win at any level. You will not find a true Charolais composite this nice fronted anywhere not to mention one that has this much genuine sweep to their rib like she does either. She also has that beautiful hind leg set that shows extreme soundness and longevity. Whether she shows ORB or Charolais composite we feel like she can compete anywhere.

Lot 46
PCC Frozen

Breed: Chi or ORB • Date of Birth: 9/12/14
Snowball X Chi/Charolais
Tattoo: 706B

This show heifer/donor prospect is put together as fancy as you can make one. She is structurally very correct in the way she is put together along with having the phenotype to make her striking when set up on the profile. This is a really nice one.


Lot 47
PCC Colortime

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 7/18/14
Man Among Boy XChi/Angus
Tattoo: 506B

Here's another one out of the popular Man Among Boy females. The opportunities are endless with this female in and out of the show ring. Her bone, muscle, rib shape, and hair make her a real stand out among others!

Lot 48
PCC Shattered

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 9/4/14
Man Among Boys X Chi/Maine
Tattoo: 702B

Weekend jackpots or the Majors this one will be ready to compete. People have already admired her for her width and dimension when viewed from behind along with her overall volume, feminine design, and cool blazed face.


Lot 49
PCC Playtime

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 7/8/14
Man Among Boy X Chi/Maine
Tatoo: 504B

Playtime matches up quite well with some of the better Man Among Boys females we have sold. She combines the hard to get traits of power and piazza with a very quiet attitude. She also has a small splash of white on her face to set her apart.

Lot 51
PC TC Temptress

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 11/15/14
Titanium X Chi/SimX Angus
Tattoo: 904B

Temptress has been one of mine and Beth's favorites from the start. She is a what you see is what you get kind of heifer, meaning all the basics to win are there with this one. She has great feet and legs and sets out and covers her track with great ease on the move. Temptress is also extremely deep sided, thick ended, and easy on the eyes when viewed from the side. This heifer is just so complete that in the end she will be one that makes it to the drive many times during her career.


Lot 52
PCC Tricked Out

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 9/20/14
Addiction X Chi Angus
Tattoo: 709B

We liked the name Tricked Out for this one. As you can see by her picture she has the chrome in all the right places. She also has all the right stuff to make her competitive in the ring as well. She has an incredibly nice pattern along with being deep sided and very correct on her feet and legs. Super Disposition.

Lot 53
PC TC Sierra

Breed: Maintainer/ORB/Chi • Date of Birth: 9/28/14
Hairy Crumb X Chi X Cross
Tattoo: 713B

Sierra's picture and video says it all! Her captivating color, correctness and over all eye appeal has it all. This heifer is stout boned and big hipped with tons of rib shape. Sierra puts all the power traits you need into a sharp, easy on the eyes package.


Lot 54
PCC Sweet Tart

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 9/15/14
Heatwave X Chi X Maine
Tattoo: 707B

This young female has great substance of bone and excels in terms of rib shape and overall width and dimension. Sweet Tart is tremendously long sided along with being very attractive fronted. Don't miss this heifer on sale day.

Lot 55
PCC Playing Hooky

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 9/6/14
Walks Alone X Chi/ Angus
Tattoo: 704B

Playing Hooky is out of the well know Walks Alone. This female has is very soft and maternal look in her overall makeup. She has a flashy look that will get attention the minute she steps into the show ring. Playing Hooky has a very friendly disposition that should work for any exhibtor.

Lot 56
PCC All Girl

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 7/12/14
Patty Wagon X Chi X Angus
Tattoo: 505B

We love the long smooth outline that this female presents. Judges should really appreciate the femininity and soundness that this girl will bring into the show ring. Super Disposition

Lot 57
PCC Nice Surprise

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 8/10/14
Monopoly X Chi/Maine
Tattoo: 601B

When viewed from the side Nice Surprise is flawless in terms of length of side, squareness of hip, and length and extension through her front end. She is super complete in almost everyway. Here is one that should bring the purple home.

Lot 58
PCC Cajun Lady

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 9/28/14
Im Just Right X Chi Cross
Tattoo: 714B

Hereford marked heifers like these have been extremely popular in our last few sales. This one should be no exception. This heifer is extremely sound and big bodied, with a nice feminine maternal look. We feel like there are exciting possibilities with this one in and out of the show ring.

Lot 59
PCC Mississippi Queen

Breed: Chi • Date of Birth: 9/18/14
Im Just Right X Chi Cross
Tattoo: 708B

This powerful Hereford marked female is one that has unlimited potential in and out of the show ring. She's thick, big bodied, and just extra powerful all over. After her show career she will be a great one to raise show heifers and Hereford marked steers.


Lot 60
ARMB Miss Beare 45B

Breed: Purebred Maine • Date of Birth: 9/15/14
Ultimate Force X Ali X Simmy

This could be one of the nicest purebred Maine heifers that we have had the opportunity to offer. We just love the length and extension up through her front end along with her ability to cover her track with ease when out on the move. She also level hipped, long sided and sweet in her lines. Then to top it all off she has a beautiful blaze face to capture the judges attention the minute she walks in the ring.

Lot 61
PC JG Miss Fit and Fancy

Breed: Maintainer/ORB • Date of Birth: 10/16/14
Friskey Whiskey X Charolais
Tattoo: 806B

You will have to look long and hard to find a show heifer this freaky necked. From her big fuzzy ears to her big boned hairy legs. Fit and Fancy has show heifer written all over her. Don't get us wrong this heifer also has all the basics to make her not only a good show heifer but nice cow as well. She great on her feet and pasterns, long sided, level hipped and gorgeous patterned. Great Female!

Lot 62
PC JG 602B

Date of Birth: 8/15/14
MAB X Maine - Angus

This black Man Among Boy steer is one that will sure light your fire. He was ours! He is one of the nicest structured calves you will find anywhere this spring. We love his foot shape, his flex and cushion in his pasterns and his over all length of stride when he walks. He is also a knockout when viewed from the side. You will appreciate his straight lines, his long and smooth front end, and his perfect blend of muscle expression for a calf this age. Very Gentle

Lot 63
PC TC 712B

Breed: Simmental • Date of Birth: 9/27/14

This baldy steer is super complete in every aspect. He is really thick made and great patterned. He's one that will be easy to feed. Don't miss him on sale day.


Lot 64
PC TC 902B

Breed: Shorthorn • Date of Birth: 11/10/14
Sire: No Surprise

One of our favorite steers in the sale. With his color and overall eye appeal this shorthorn steer has it all. He will be a really good feeder and has a great attitude. He should work well for any age showman.

Lot 65
PC TC 508B

Date of Birth: 7/18/14
Titanium X Chi Cross

Big boned rugged and extra stout. If your looking for a steer that can be ready early, this guy should fit the ticket quite well.


Lot 66
PC TC 603B

Date of Birth: 8/20/14
Titanium X Chi Cross

As you can see by some of the others, Titanium has been working quite well. This guy is one that can show slick or with hair. He has great thickness and expression of muscle and is very sound on the move. Great disposition.

Lot 67
PC TC 905B

Date of Birth: 11/16/14
Sire: Captain America

Here's a yellow color steer that sets him apart. His loose structured, great phenotype, and very long fronted makes him very impressive when entering the show ring. We love his disposition as well.


Lot 68
PC TC 802B

Date of Birth: 10/5/14
Sire: Captain America

Here's a silver steer that is great in terms of muscle and thickness. Combine with his bone and rib shape he is a real powerhouse.

Silverton Bull
Offering 5 packages of 10 Units

Silverton is a young herd sire that caught the eyes of several of the top breeders across the US this past fall. The programs involved are Blissard Cattle Company, Tuell Cattle/Breining Cattle, Billy Hall, OBG Genetics, Aces Wild Ranch, JG Cattle, Pembrook Cattle and breeder Standridge Cattle. Silverton pedigree is a unique blend of maternal genetics that should not sacrifice the important traits of muscle, soundness, stoutness of bone and that overall look we all desire in our females, bulls and show steers. Silverton sire is the Red Angus bull Firestorm and his dam goes back to the great Charolais cow Ashley that has produced multiple champions, herd sires and donor prospects. To say the least, we think this bull is poised to do great things. Semen on Silverton will not be released to the open market. It will be sold only a few times during the year at elite sales across the country. Don't miss the first chance to get in on a great one. Next sales to Expect Silverton semen - TXLE Fall, Red Dirt Divas, The Maternal Option.

Photos Coming Soon:
PC TC 903B - Steer 11/12/14   Titanium
A sweet fronted steer that is great in terms of soundness and eye appeal. He is thick made and great patterned. Be sure to check him out on sale day.
PC TC 809B - Steer 10/22/14   Yellow Jacket
This black steer handles himself really well on the move, he is great in terms of muscle and thickness and is very long and extended up through his frontend. Great Disposition!
PC TC 804B - Steer 10/12/14   GCC Wizard
PC TC 804B is a real stand out. With his splash of white on his face he will catch any judge's attention. He is really sound structure, big boned, wide topped and big butted. This one will be easy to feed and fun to work on.

PCC strives to offer high quality Angus and SimAngus cattle for sale as well as matching it with excellent customer service and a reputation of integrity. We would love to hear from you to talk about our cattle or invite you to the ranch.

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