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Pembrook Cattle offers Angus and SimAngus cattle for sale year round through both special sales as well as private treaty sales on the ranch. The following are our upcoming sales, and we will be adding in more details and photos as the sales draw closer. We encourage you to contact us at your convenience for more information.
Pembrook Cattle Company Fall Online Angus Sale
Tuesday, October 13, 2015 • Hosted by Live Auctions.
Please contact us with any questions you may have.
Lot 1- PCC Evening Tinge 224C
Date of Birth: 4/6/15 • Registration Number: Pending
Sire: Bushs Unbelievable 423 • EPD'S: CED +9 BW +.7 WW +52 YW +93 Milk +27
Dam: PCC Evening Tinge 226 8001• EPD'S: CED +3 BW +3.6 WW +45 YW +78 Milk +27
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We believe that Lot 1 is one of our finest show heifer/donor prospects to date. She has a unique blend of femininity, power, and soundness that should make her
competitive at all levels and against all breeds. This female has been a favorite of many who have stopped by this summer. Lot 1's dam is quickly proving herself as
one of the top young donors in the PCC herd. She is a Saugahatchee out of the great Evening Tinge cow that has produced numerous champions and herd sires
such as Witten and Aspect.
Lot 2 - PCC Evening Tinge 230C
Date of Birth: 4/15/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: Bushs Unbelievable 423
Dam: PCC Evening Tinge 226 8001
Sire EPD'S: CED +9 BW +.7 WW +52 YW +93 Milk +27
Dam EPD'S: CED +3 BW +3.6 WW +45 YW +78 Milk +27
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For those who like lot 1, dont miss this full sister Lot 2. She also
has the parts and pieces it takes to be competitive and may also have a
touch more growth and length of side than many of her contemporaries.
We believe as time goes by this heifer could end up being one of the top
females in this years offering . Whether your looking for a show heifer
or a donor that carries a pedigree with proven predictability this
female will not disappoint.
  Lot 3 - JL Evening Tinge 1270
Date of Birth: 2/16/2011
Registration Number: +17477080
Sire: Justamere 253 Bada Bing
Dam: HF Evening Tinge 57R
EPD'S: CED +1 BW +3.6 WW +40 YW 66 Milk +27
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Pembrook Cattle and May Cattle Mineral Point WI , are proud to offer
this amazing young donor in this years sale. JL Evening Tinge is exactly
what you would expect to see when you see the name Evening Tinge. She
is a stout boned, wide hipped cow that is as powerfully constructed as
you can make an Angus. For only being a four year old, she is well on
her way to being a top producer for both our families. Tinges first
natural calf by Game Day was one of our top selling females in a
previous Pembrook Cattle Company Online Angus Sale. selling to Londigan
Farms of Elk City OK. She has also produced flush mates by Koupals
Identity that have been kept as replacements in our herd. 1270 was also
recently flushed to BSF Hot Lotto producing 10 number 1 embryos.
Evening Tinge 1270 is also a full sister to the Evening Tinge 8001 cow
that has produced herd sires such as Witten , Aspect and numerous
females that have competed and won shows across the nation. We believe
this young donor will have a bright and profitable future for her new
owner. 1270 was bred back to Bushs Unbelievable on 8-1-15 and was
ultrasounded and confirmed pregnant on 9-1-15. Her calf will be a full sib in
blood to lots 1,2 and 4a in this years sale.
Lot 3 as a First Calf Heifer   JL Evening Tinge 8001
Grandam of lots 1, 2, and 4A. Full sister to Lot 3.
4A - PCC Leverage 150C
Date of Birth: 4/2/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: Bushs Unbelievable 423
Dam: PCC Evening Tinge 226 8001
Sire EPD'S: CED +9 BW +.7 WW +52 YW +93 Milk +27
Dam EPD'S: CED +3 BW 3.6 WW +45 YW +78 Milk +27
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  4B - PCC Commander 133C
Date of Birth: 3/3/15
Registration Number: 18212724
Sire: PCC Witten 111A
Dam: PCC Miss Superior 195Z
EPD'S: CED +.2 BW +2.5 WW + 50 YW +84 Milk +24
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Lots 4A and 4B - Selling Choice - PCC retaining 1/3 semen interest
We are proud to offer choice in these two young herd sire prospects. Beth and I feel like these are two of our best 2015 spring born bull calves, not just from a
standpoint of phenotype but pedigree as well. Whether you look at the top or bottom of their pedigrees they both carry some of the Evening Tinge influence.
PCC Leverage, lot 4A is super long sided bull that is smooth and nice patterned when viewed from any angle. We love the length and extension up through his front
end and the high growth he has shown for a calf this age. We think a lot of this bull and think he will combine well with many of the pedigrees that are out there today. Leverage is a full brother to Lot 1 and 2.PCC Commander, lot 4B is sired by Witten and out of one heck of a second calver that is sired by QLC Superior another
one of our favorite herd sires. We are excited about the combination of this pedigree. Witten is quickly proving himself as a go to herdsire and Superior has as well,
siring the Grand Champion Angus bull for Patton Farms at last years North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville KY. That being said, Commander
also has the right parts and pieces to back up this pedigree. He is big footed and sound structured with loads of muscle shape and expression blended into a very eye
catching package.
Lot 5 - PCC Erica 212C
Date of Birth: 3/25/15
Registration Number: 18211081
Sire: PCC Witten 111A • Dam: Pine Coulee Erica U90 • EPD'S: CED +7 BW +1.1 WW +50 YW +87 Milk +26
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Erica has been one of my personal favorites from early on. She is one of the finest cow prospects in this sale that we feel like in the right home can go out and
compete at any level. This is a soft, easy fleshing female that at the ground is super good footed and great pasterned with a perfect hind leg set. From a side view
Erica is also very elegant in the way she is put together being long and extended through her front end, level hipped and incredible in terms of rib shape. Sire and dam
on this female are also tops at our place as well. We purchased the Final Answer dam of this female from Pine Coulee in Montana as a heifer and
after getting into production she has been one of the top producing females in our herd.
Lot 6 - PCC Miss Burgess 257C
Date of Birth: 6/3/15
Registration Number: 18211086
Sire: PCC Witten 111A
Dam: Robbins Miss Burgess 9258
EPD'S: CED +3 BW +1.6 WW +42 YW +74 Milk +29
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Here is another impressive female sired by Witten that goes back to the
Burgess cow family. This June heifer calf is extra complete in all
regards. She's sharp fronted along with being very level and smooth in
the rest of her lines and went put out on the move gets out and covers
the ground with ease. Great disposition as well.
  Lot 7 - PCC Everelda Entense 209C
Date of Birth: 3/4/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: PCC Witten 111A
Dam: PCC Everelda Entense 153Z
Sire EPD'S: CED +4 BW +2.5 WW +50 YW +91 Milk +28
Dam EPD'S: CED +3 BW +3.1 WW +49 YW +93 Milk +29
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Every summer and fall we host several college judging team work outs at
our place. It is always interesting to see which heifers come to the
top of their list. This year many have liked this Lot 7 heifer enough
that she normally wins whatever class she is put into. She is extremely
sound on her feet and legs and has the phenotype traits that make one
get noticed in the show ring. Shes a big boned, deep sided heifer that
is nice patterned and from behind one of the widest based heifers that
we have in the offering. We also cant say enough about the young donor
that lot 7 is out of. She sold in a previous PCC Angus sale and is
jointly owned with our friends at Little Windy Hill Farms in Virginia.
For a show heifer or a cow this female is certainly one to mark and
study in this years offering.
Lot 8 - PCC Everelda Entense 204C
Date of Birth: 2/2/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: PCC Witten 111A
Dam: PCC Everelda Entense 153Z
Sire EPD'S: CED +4 BW +2.5 WW +50 YW +91 Milk +28
Dam EPD'S: CED +3 BW +3.1 WW +49 YW +93 Milk +29
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Everelda Entense 204C is a full sister to the lot 7 heifer. As we
stated earlier we cannot say enough about the sire and the dam of this
female. We really like the combination with Witten and the 153Z cow.
Like the picture and videos show, lot 8 is one of those that is
unrivaled for stoutness of bone, thickness, and rib shape. She is also
great haired and super dispositioned. After her show career we feel
like this female will fit a lot of different scenarios in a breeding
  Lot 9 - PCC Divine 210C
Date of Birth: 3/6/15
Registration Number: 18211088
Sire: PCC Witten 111A
Dam: PCC Miss Classic 130X
EPD'S: CED +4 BW +2.5 WW+56 YW +93 Milk +25
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Another very nice super complete female sired by Witten and out of a
great BC Classic daughter. Divine has been a standout since we started
getting the heifers ready for this years sale. Shes a big bodied easy
fleshing heifer thats smooth in her lines and very complete in terms of
soundness and overall femininity.
Lot 10 - PCC Everelda Entense 249C
Date of Birth: 5/23/2015
Registration Number: 18211083
Sire: PCC Witten 111A
Dam: PCC Miss Superior 151Z
EPD'S: CED -2 BW +2.8 WW +50 YW+86 Milk +25
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If you like them sweet fronted and cool then this young May showheifer
prospect is for you. Just like the picture suggests this female is cool
fronted with a great look. She is also out of a really good young
Superior daughter. The older she get the better this heifer will be.
She carries a nice disposition as well.
  Lot 12 - PCC Mia 255C
Date of Birth: 5/7/15
Registration Number: 18211082
Sire: Vision Unanimous 1418
Dam: PCC Miss Over the Limit 162Z
Sire EPD'S: CED +2.7 BW +2.7 WW +76 YW +132 Milk +19
Dam EPD'S: CED +1 BW +2.4 WW +48 YW +84 Milk +22
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We can not say enough about this May heifer. From her soundness and
phenotype to her pedigree and and projected epd profile Mia has a lot
going for her in and out of the show ring. We have liked the Vision
Unanimous cattle that have been born here and the dam of lot 12 is a
Over the Limit daughter that is a standout female in our herd. Great
buying opportunity here!
Lot 11 - PCC Satin Lady 211C
Date of Birth: 3/8/15
Registration Number: 18211084
Sire: SAV Brilliance 8077 • Dam: Kinney Farms Satin Lady 372 • EPD'S: CED +6 BW +1.2 WW +54 YW +98 Milk +27
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A really nice March female that not only has the good pedigree but the look to go with it as well. Satin Lady is a Brilliance back out of a young Final Product daughter
that is just beautiful out in the pasture. From a standpoint of looks and soundness, lot 11 is great patterned and is very angular and extended up through her front
end along with being extremely sound when put on the move. This heifer would work well for any age show person as well. Sweet disposition.
Lot 13 - PCC Barbara 259C
Date of Birth: 6/18/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: WK Rock Steady
Dam: PCC Role Model 364A
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Barbara is one of the really nice June heifer calves in this years
offering. She is one of those females that you will really admire for
her extra femininity and length and extension up through her front end.
She is also very sound structured along with having a little extra
performance and length of side. Barbara is out of the popular 74/51
herd sire WK Rock Steady that has been siring top selling bulls and
females the last several years. We feel like this female has the right
parts and pieces to be a real competitor in the show ring. ALSO please
notice I accidentally wrote lot 15s footnote before lot 14s. sorry
about that.
  Lot 14 - PCC Essence 258C
Date of Birth: 6/15/15
Registration Number: 18211087
Sire: R&R PCC Aspect 225Z
Dam: PCC Miss Eagle Eye 126X
EPD'S: CED +0 BW +3.8 WW +51 YW +85 Milk +21
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PCC Essence could be one of the nicest show heifers in our offering this
year. At the time of her picture and video she had only been up at the
barn and on feed 2 weeks. Before that her and her way cool Eagle Eye dam
had been in one of our back pastures with no extra creep or
supplementation. To this point she has done it all for us. Essence has
great feet and legs and is gorgeous to watch out on the move. She is
nice patterned, has extremely good rib shape, and ties this into a easy
on the eyes kind of package. She also comes with a disposition that
will fit even the youngest show person.
Lot 15 - PCC Blackbird Girl 250C
Date of Birth: 5/6/15
Registration Number: 18211085
Sire: Bushs Unbelievable 423
Dam: PCC Miss Recruit
EPD'S: CED +10 BW +.6 WW +46 YW +82 Milk +25
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We have loved the calves sired by Unbelievable at our place and this May
heifer calf is no exception. This female seems to have the right
combination of just about everything. Shes great in terms of rib shape,
really thick when viewed from behind along with being really attractive
in her front 1/3. Lot 15 is also very sound in terms of movement and has
a great disposition for any age show person. Her dam and grand dam have
also been very consistent producers in our herd.
Texas Limited Edition Sale
Sunday, October 18, 2015 • KB Cattle Sale Facility in Wills Point, TX
Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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SPUR Miss Encore C3102
Purebred Charolais
Date of Birth: 2/12/2015
Registration Number: P1028640
Sire: CML Encore 4Y
Dam: 1Y245
We can't say enough about this Charolais female. She is so soft and maternal in the way she is put together not only will she compete extremely well in the show ring but will also make a beautiful cow once she enters production. She has a excellent disposition that should work for any age show person.  
  SPUR MS Supreme C4622
Purebred Charolais 
Date of Birth: 3/23/15
Registration Number: 1028641
Sire: Summit HDF Supreme
Dam: U1231
This Charolais heifer brings it all to the table when it comes to the complete package. She gets out and can move with authority, is very angular and feminine, and has an enormous amount of rib shape and capacity. This heifer has what it takes. Super Disposition as well. 
SPUR C5222
Purebred Charolais
Date of Birth: 3/16/15
Registration Number: P1028642
Dam: W921C 
Here's one with a lot of power. This female is a long sided , high performing heifer that  also has that added extra length and extension through front end that will get her noticed out in the ring. She is also very sound on her feet and legs and great on the halter. 
  AHL Ruby 5050C
Date of Birth: 2/5/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: Firestorm
Dam: 163Y
Another very popular female sired by Firestorm. This female is extremely stout featured in her design. We love her foot size and bone along with her thickness and bold sweeping rib. She is also great colored with a striking look.
AHL Rose 5087C
Date of Birth: 3/4/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: Firestorm • Dam: 163Y
Rose has the phenotype and the pedigree to run with any heifer in our offering. Many people that have stopped by our place have really liked this female. They like her bone, rib shape, femininity and her great color along with her big fluffy ears. To say the least she is a cool one to look at. Rose also has quite a family history to match that look as well. She is sired by the great Firestorm and her dam and grand dam are anchors for the Ledoux Ranch program in KS. The dam of this female is also a maternal sister to AHL Ring of Fire the 2014 Denver champion and $50,000 young herdsire. As you can tell we think a lot of this one. 
SPUR Martha 2248C
Date of Birth: 4/13/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: Red Wilbar Predator • Dam: 2Y053C
This female will also rival any Red Angus that we have sold in the past. She was one of the favorites out of hundreds of contemporaries at the Silver Spur Ranch. Just like the picture indicates, Martha is as sleek and angular fronted as you can make one. Put her on the move and you just have to love the way she can get out and travel with complete soundness. This heifer has a feminine , maternal eye grabbing look that should catapult her to the back drop. Great Attitude.
SSST PCC Christaline 322C
Maintainer/ Low Sim/ ORB
Date of Birth: 4/8/15 
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: I 80 • Dam: Steel Force 
Christaline has been a favorite of everyone that's visited PCC this summer. She is a knock out when seen in person. This heifer blends soundness, body, thickness, bone, and femininity into the complete package. She is also hairy and gentle to boot. Her pedigree is also a favorite around our place. She is a I -80 out of the Steel Force cow that Rex Standridge had supreme female with at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. This young donor has already produced multiple champions such as the full sister to Christaline that is currently being shown by the Sublette family in Lindsay OK. This heifer/donor prospect is a can't miss buying opportunity. She has a great future in and out of the show ring. 
PCC Stop and Look 321C 
3/4 Maine 
Date of Birth: 3/28/15 
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: I 80
Dam: Irish Whiskey
Here's probably the thickest, widest topped female that we have consigned to this offering. What's unique is that she blends these power traits into such a smooth eye appealing look. Stop and look is also excellent in terms of soundness and has the kind of hair that will make her fun to work on. 
  PCC Girl Crush 324C
3/4 Maine
Date of Birth:4/24/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: I 80
Dam: Irish Whiskey
Another one of the really good I80 heifers in our offering. This heifer exhibits great soundness along with a captivating pattern when viewed on the side profile. Girl Crush has the look of one that can win a major as a heavy bred. Give this one a serious look on sale day. 
PCC Twizzler 923Y 
Date of Birth: 5/22/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: SSST Navigator
Dam: Chi/ Maine/Char
Twizzler is one of the really good colored up chi prospects in our offering. Her gray and white color pattern along with her stellar beauty will grab your focus every time you get into the pen with her. She also gets out and moves won a nice soft hind leg with excellent feet and patterns. Her make up and build are a unique resemblance to some of the colored heifers that we have had do well at many of the majors. 
Char Comp/Low Chi/ORB 
Date of Birth: 5/28/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: Fu Man Chu
Dam: M6 Ms Trademark 580 PLD 
A great Charolais composite heifer by Fu Man Chu and out of an impressive Trademark donor that almost never misses. Galaxy has the style balance, eye appeal and soundness to have a great show career. Great disposition.
TC PCC Masquerade 323C
Date of Birth: 4/23/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: SSST Navigator
Dam: Chi Char Cross
The Navigators have been really good and most importantly winning. In the right home this female is no exception. Masquerade is a super complete female in every aspect. She's good at the ground, deep sided and level hipped with loads of power. This female is also long and extended through her front end with a beautiful deep silver color. No matter what time of year, with or without hair this one will look good. 
  PCC Swift 280B
Date of Birth: 11/20/14
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: Bullicious
Dam: Monopoly chi
Here is a different aged one that will look good slick in the summer or hairy in the winter. As you can see by her picture this heifer is flawless when viewed out on the profile. You will love the length and extension up through this females front end, along with her length of side and added width and dimension when viewed from behind. 
ZC PCC Lucille 329C
Date of Birth: 6/18/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: MAB
Dam: Dr Who
  ZC PCC Nadine 330C
Date of Birth: 6/22/15
Registration Number: Pending
Sire: MAB
Dam: Dr Who
Selling Choice
We are pleased to offer choice on these two red and white MAB sisters. For us right now the first pick is almost a coin toss. Other than some minor differences in color these girls are almost identical. What makes these two so special for us is for the way they are bred they seem to have just the right mix of power and femininity. They are out of a powerhouse Dr Who cow that doesn't miss. Both heifers are excellent in terms of disposition and should have no trouble being competitive at all levels 
TC PCC Maiden 307B
Char Composite or Chi
Date of Birth: 12/24/16
Sire: OBG Captain America
Dam: Heatwave
An extremely powerful Captain American daughter that has donor cow written all over her. Don't let that last statement fool you though. This heifer will flat hold her own in the show ring as well. You can't go wrong on this female. 
  PCC Pistol Annie 327C
Date of Birth: 5/25/15
Sire: Bojo
Dam: Chi/Maine
Everyone that's seen Pistol Annie has just loved her. We feel like she is one of the top prospects in our offering. Not only does she have a long freaky front end but she combines this with thickness, rib shape, bone and hair. She also has just the right amount of white in just the right place on her underline to really compliment her look. Don't miss this one on sale day. 
SC PCC Sizzle 326C 
Date of Birth: 5/10/15 
Sire: BIM
Dam: Chi/Sim cross
This has to be one of the favorites of any heifers we have offered in the TXLE sale. Sizzle has a sweet disposition, great hair, and cool marked face along with flawless eye appeal. She's great in terms of soundness as she hits her track with every stride as she moves. Sizzle also has the bone, thickness, and femininity combination that will allow her to compete under a variety of different type judges.  
  CC PCC Sonic Boom 320C 
Date of Birth: 3/20/15
Sire: Monopoly 
Dam: Crossbred Cow
This heifer rivals any Monopoly we have sold in the TXLE. She is big, stout, powerful and attractive. To see her on the walk is also very pleasing as well. She is big footed, has soft pasterns and hits her track with ease. Sonic Boom is one of those special type heifers that will compete from day one and get better and better the older she gets. She has great hair and will work well for any age show person. 
Upfront Prairie 75C 
Gelbvieh Balancer
Date of Birth: 2/4/15
Registration Number: 1322806
Sire: VAR Upfront 
Dam: Prairie Fox Trot 15Y
Beth and I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of nice cattle within the Gelbvieh  breed and this heifer is no exception. She is one of those unique individuals that says brood cow all over her but yet maintains that attractive look along with the soundness that will compel her to great things in the show ring . We have had the opportunity to see several progeny out of this females sire VAR Upfront raised by Vintage Angus and they have all been good.
  PCC Goldstandard 323C
Low Chi
Date of Birth: 5/12/15
Sire: GCC Goldstandard
Dam: Monopoly 
Donor Cow in the making here. This heifer is sired by the popular Griswald herdsire Gold Standard a son of Total Recall (now deceased). On the bottom side of her pedigree she is out of a powerhouse Monopoly X Chopper cow. There is a lot of upside in this female for making replacement females or steers as well. As you can see by her picture this heifer is as maternal and cowy as you can make one. She's also very angular and pretty in the way she is designed in her front 1/3. She should be perfect uddered as a cow as well. We think she also has good show career potential as well. 
SPUR Star Light 2176C
Registration Number: P1749114
Sire: Gravity 601P
Dam: 2024Z
Star Light is another one of the powerful Red Angus show prospects in this years TXLE sale. She has tremendous quality when it comes to sound feet and legs, depth of rib, and a nice pretty female look up through her front end.  Whether take the show ring or donor pen Star Light should have a long successful career. 
  MABC Priddie 914
Registration Number: *s4218798
Sire: KOLT Final Fox 3 ET
Dam: CF Augusta Pride 2129 EL
Here is a tremendous fall yearling that is ready to go compete anywhere at any level right now. Priddie is a powerfully constructed shorthorn female that possesses loads of rib shape and plenty of width and dimension that you don't see in many of today's Shorthorn genetics. This female is also bred in the purple as well. Her donor dam goes back to the Augusta Pride cow family. Perhaps one of the most prominent cow families in the Shorthorn breed. If your looking for a Shorthorn female to invest in, this heifer is a can't miss buying opportunity. 
SFS Dolce's Diamond ET
Date of Birth: 11/13/14
Registration Number: x42220002
Sire: Ace of Diamonds
Dam: Miss V8 Dolce D 
Dolce's Diamond is beautifully marked red necked roan heifer that possesses a pedigree and a phenotype that promise a bright future for her new home. Dolce's dam was Reserve Champion female at the American Royal and then proved herself again quickly as her first calf went on to be show bull of the year in the shorthorn breed winning shows all over the nation. The name of the bull was Danny D a sire to another top lot in this years offering. In terms of phenotype the female offered has all the basics as well. She's sound on the move , straight in her lines , with added length and extension up through her front end. This is a very well rounded female raised in the Scott family Shorthorn program that is known for always having good ones. 
  Miss V8 Samantha 8348C
Date of Birth: 3/5/15
Registration Number: 4223001
Sire: SFS Danny D
Dam: Miss V8 Samantha 8348
A stellar female from the heart of the V8 shorthorns program sire by past Show bull of the year and V8 and Scott Family herdsire Danny D. 
VH Miss Candie 507
Date of Birth: 3/8/15
Registration Number: 43621924
Sire: CB NLC Beer Goggles 81U 
Dam: VH Miss Scholarship 107
Candie 507 is going to be a real head turner. She is one of those type females that will demand attention when she enters the show ring. Candie is as graceful on the move as she is on the standstill. You will love the levelness of hip, length of side, and just overall smooth female like look this heifer gives you. This sire and dams sire combination has been a proven winner in the Vandework program. Take our word for it, this heifer will keep getting better and better with age. Not only will she compete early but we think she has the look and the build to win the big one as a bred. 
  DOSS 88C Red Garnett DHC 19
Date of Birth: 3/1/15
Sire: NJVV 98S R117 Ribeye 88X ET
Dam: Heritage 104M M33 Beauty 601S
PCC Harley 332C
Date of Birth: 6/25/15
Sire: SSST Navigator

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